Monday, August 9, 2010

National Night Out Against Crime, LES

Reconstruct Art was proud to participate in the 27th annual National Night Out Against Crime, a community event designed to promote neighborhood spirit and community partnerships with the police. The event, held at a lover east side housing project, featured music, food, activities, and community leaders and council members speaking out on hate crimes, gang violence and community/police relations.
Because creative participation in structured recreational activities and healthy self-e
xpression are known to decrease youth involvement in criminal behavior, reconstruct Art was invited to host a "free arts" station, where teens and children were invited to tag, write and paint on oversized canvases using paint and graffiti markers. Though some had never held a paintbrush before, the kids participated enthusiastically. The result was a beautiful, diverse, enormous artwork and a lot of messy fun.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rutger's Family Day- saturday, July 10

In our tradition of reaching out to underserved communities, Reconstruct Art will be participating in an outdoor Family Day fair at a housing project at 200 Madison Street (street not avenue) on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Free activities include face painting, live arts and crafts, clowns and entertainers, food etc. Reconstruct Art's own RocOpera will be performing, free health screenings will be available, and the district atttorney's office will be sending a representative to speak on the ever-relevant issue of gang violence.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"AUDACUTY!" rasing $ for pulmonary hypertension

Reconstruct Art opened a new show last week, "Audacity!" at Chashama's gallery in Jamaica, Queens. Founded by Sister Betty, a local female artist of color suffering from pulmonary hypertension, the show aims to educate the public about this medical condition and to raise money for research and treatment.

The multimedia show includes visual art, music, panel talks, an ongoing silent auction for art and handmade items (like hand-bound books). Works by more than a dozen artists are present. The opening included a group discussion hosted by the director of Beth Israel Medical Center's Pulmonary Unit, Dr. Roxana Sulica.

Learn more at

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graffiti party for teens and New Orleans

Graffiti has become a recognized part of the commercial and art worlds; it shows up in merchandise, design, galleries, even the iconic, official Obama "HOPE" poster. Reconstruct Art's participans include several writers and visual artists inspired by graffiti imagery. Since a lot of our teens have not had opportunities to participate enough in the formal arts, they identify strongly with the writers who have used the streets as their canvas and tagging to establish an identity and reputation.

Graffiti and classic hip hop were big draws at our latest event, the Graffiti-n'-Chicken Party. At Chashama's gallery in Jamaica, Queens, teens tagged up a giant canvas, while pro writer Ill Will knocked out a masterpiece with our name and logo on another oversized canvas. When the spray paint fumes became too much, there was dancing, hot wings and open blackbooks at our gallery space two doors down. Don't miss the next art party, or our event this Friday: Sweet Potato Jam!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Union Square Award

"Gon' take a walk down to Union Square/ Never know what you gonna find there"
-Lou Reed ("run, run, run")

In recognition of our work in the struggle for social justice, Reconstruct Art has been nominated for a Union Square Award!

The Union Square Awards were started in '98 when a mysterious, anonymous donor pledged funds to raise awareness of emerging, grassroots organizations that support the interests of the poor and disenfranchised and cultural activity/the arts. Reconstruct Art, of course, serves both interests. Learn more about the awards here.

Side Note:
Why "union square"? Think about all the agitating, protesting and cultural activities that go on there every day (somewhere between the dog park and the artist/vendors and the greenmarket and the skateboarders/breakdancers). "What you gon' find there" may now be Forever 21 and Starbucks, but the spirit of the place is still somehow intact.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Graffiti Party: chicken, beer and spray paint

Come out on Friday, May 14, for a hot art party presented by Cultural Collective and Reconstruct Art.
We're combining the weekly "Breaking Bread" meetup hosted by Cultural Collective with a New Orleans fundraiser and Reconstruct Art's housewarming party (new space= 90-30 161st Street @ Jamaica Ave.) for one giant art bash.

We're already offering art workshops to local kids and teens out of our new digs. This summer, we'll be taking it to the streets of New Orleans, with 2 months of graffiti murals and self-discovery art projects. The $ you drop at the party will make it all possible.

We'll have a DJ, live graffiti by local writers, arts n' crafts areas, spoken word and poetry performances, beer and unlimited hot wings. $10 cover benefits our work in New Orleans.

Can't make it? Drop a donation here

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baking for Good

Buy delicious cookies and brownies, benefit Reconstruct Art. Welcome to Baking for Good, a local mail order bakery that donates a percentage of its profits to a variety of nonprofits. During checkout, the buyer can choose the nonprofit their money will go to.

Check it out here and forward the link to your pals: